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Hydrogel Dressings - Impregnated Gauze

Characteristics / Functions

  • Wound gels are excellent for helping to create or maintain a moist environment   Some hydrogels provide absorption, desloughing and debriding capacities to necrotic and fibrotic tissue.
  • Hydrogel sheets are cross-linked polymer gels in sheet form. Some are available with an adhesive border

Best Uses

  • Helps provide and maintain a moist wound environment
  • By increasing moisture content, hydrogels have the ability to help cleans and debride necrotic tissue
  • For wounds with minimal or no exudate


  • Effective in hydrating wound surfaces and liquefying necrotic tissue on the wound surface
  • Non-adherent and can be removed without trauma to the wound bed
  • "Soothing" effect promotes patient acceptance


  • Not too absorptive, therefore, hydrogels or hydrogel sheets may not be an appropriate choice for moderate to highly exudating wounds
  • Require secondary dressings

Hydrogel Impregnated Gauze Dressings Available:

Product Manufacturer
DermAssist AssisTec Medical, Inc.
Biolex Bard
CarraGauze Carrington
ClearSite Conmed Corp.
DermaGauze DermaRite
Dermagran Derma Sciences
Gentell Gentell
Restore Hollister
Hyperion Hydrophilic Wound Dressings Hyperion Medical, Inc.
INTEGRA-GEL Integrity Medical Devices, Inc.
SkinTegrity Medline Industries
Normlgel Impregnated Gauze Molnlycke Health Care
MPM Conductive Gel Pad
MPM GelPad
PanoGauze Sage
SoloSite Gel Conformable Smith & Nephew
Elta Dermal Swiss-American Products, Inc.

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