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Enzymatic Debriding Agents
  • Enzymatic debriding agents act on any one or all of these materials: collagen, protein, fibrin, elastin and / or nucleoproteins. Check with each product as to its method of action.
  • Some enzymatic debriders are selective for necrotic tissue while some are not.
  • By loosening the necrotic debris, surgical debridement may be avoided.
  • Tunneling ulcers are particularly suitable for these products as they remove debris which may be difficult to visualize and / or reach.
  • All require a prescription

Products Available:

Product Manufacturer
Ethezyme™ 830 Papain Urea Debriding Ointment Ethex
Ethezyme™ Papain-Urea Debriding Ointment Ethex
Kovia Ointment
Ziox Ointment
Stratus Pharmaceutical
Gladase Smith & Nephew



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