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It's become clear that there are many useful 'tips & tricks' out there when it comes to wound care. Read other peoples' tips & tricks and please, share yours (including pictures or videos)!!!

Send your tips by email. If you have pictures demonstrating the technique, send those too. Better yet, if you can take a video, we will work with you to post the video online.

Take a look at the categories below. Please send in a tip of your own. You can also suggest a new category...no problem !

Main Category Tips & Tricks
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
  • Dressing difficult body parts
  • Avoiding leaks
  • Getting to sleep
  • Reducing pain at dressing changes
Protecting Intact Skin
  • How to protect skin from getting traumatized or macerated
Transparent films
  • How to remove properly
Pressure Ulcers
  • How to spot skin damage before a pressure ulcer appears?
Wound cleansing and irrigation
  • Better cleansing & irrigation
Reducing wound pain
  • Ways to reduce or eliminate wound pain

Applying compression stockings and wound elevation

  • Make it easier for patients and caregivers to apply / remove compression stockings
Suggest your own categories!!!

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