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Dressing difficult body parts One of the most difficult patients that I have used a VAC on was a young man with spina bifida. His spine was like a curved tree trunk, and he had deep crevices in the skin of his back. He had a sacral wound that would be good to VAC, but those crevices sure would make getting a seal difficult. My solution was to use stoma paste to caulk the crevices and the VAC dressing worked!!

Cheryl Royce, CWCN Rochester New York
Avoiding leaks To prevent leak for negative pressure dressing, try the stomahesive paste around the wound, then cover with drapes. Any stomahesive paste will work.

from Lani L. De Guzman RN


To prevent leaks with the wound vac skin prep all around the wound and then cut strips of drape and apply them to picture the wound. Apply foam, the vac and cover with strips of drape; completely covering the affected area . then if you think you have a leak apply skin prep again to seal. Duoderm can also be used to cover dimpled or hard to seal areas prior to draping.



I've found that if you squeeze Stomahesive paste into a 6 to 10 cc syringe (without needle), it can be easily and accurately applied wherever needed (without any mess!)


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