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Applying compression stockings Applying open-toed compression stockings:

Place a plastic bag over the foot.
Put your arm into the stocking, grab and hold where the ankle will hit, pull
the stocking off of your arm so it will be partially inside out.
Hold the stocking where it is folded and gently push it over the plastic bag
and onto the foot, stopping at the ankle.
Grab the end of the stocking, and work it over the foot and up the leg.
Smooth out wrinkles in the dressing or stocking.
Pull the plastic bag off.



Getting compress stocking on can be quite a battle but I have found the easiest is to get started before getting out of bed in the morning

The secret is a pair or rubber made gloves, do not bunch up the stocking just be sure to position the stocking on the foot correctly and then with the gloves on start gently sliding the stocking on. The ridges on the fingers will grab the stocking and help pull on, continue to work from ankle up.

Beth RN

Wound elevation Critical on leg wounds. I recommend the dual position bed wedge product.

In Health Living catalog, item 22176 and costs $17.99. For an extra $ 7.99, you can get a removable cover. It has eggcrate material on blue foam base.


Jennifer (wound patient)

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