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Most websites address wound care issues in very clinical terms, trying to create wound experts out of their visitors. But we believe that if you (or someone you know) has a non-healing or problematic wound, all you want is for that wound to close. You don't want to be a wound expert and you probably hope you never have to think about wounds again!

If this describes your thinking, we've created a free booklet entitled, "Wound Guide for Patients".

It covers issues like:

  • Why isnít my wound healing?
  • Explanations of acute, chronic and 'other' wounds
  • What has changed in wound care recently?
  • What can I do myself, as far as treatment?
  • Where can I go for expert care?

To receive this free booklet, simply fill out the form below. You'll also receive information about how to find a local wound center.

All fields are required, except for Comments. Personal information is kept private and not shared or sold. Gathered for statistical purposes only. We might notify you about clinical trials that seem suitable based on the information entered.

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